How It Works

We start by removing everything from the oven – shelves, grill pans, runners, back plate and the fan – these are cleaned in our on-van dip tank. The dip tank is filled with our cleaning solution and water, heated up to aid the removal of any burnt on food debris. These items are then cleaned by hand, in order to achieve the optimum results.

We remove any burnt on debris from the oven itself, and use the cleaning solution, water and good old fashioned elbow grease to buff your oven back to new!

After all the separate components have been cleaned, they are treated with antibacterial cleaning formula to polish up and sanitise them, before the oven is put back together and polished to perfection!

Hobs and extractors are treated in the same way as ovens – each individual component is removed and cleaned before being polished and put back in place.

We can also supply and fit oven bulbs and rubber seals, an will endeavour to help with anything else that you may require.

Our staff don’t like to rush through our client’s jobs – each oven is treated with care and attention, ensuring the best results every time!

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